Teacher Appreciation Week

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8th Grade Class of 2021

Signature Pieces

I.S. 303 looks forward to our returning students and incoming 6th graders.


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Family Update: Weather-Related Building Closures

ATTENTION Future I.S. 303 leaders and families. 

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District 21 High School Fair 2022

Healthy Homes Workshop

District 21 Listening and Learning Tour

DOE Fall 2022 COVID-19 Guidance

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.


Letter From Our Principal, Carmen N. Amador

Welcome to IS303! Out motto “High Expectation, Children First, No Excuses” stems from our firm belief and commitment in helping our students attain their full potential – socially, academically, and emotionally.

As a Leader in Me School, we hold ourselves to the highest standard. We approach the teaching and learning experience – as well as all tasks – with great focus and dedication. Our staff believes in the importance of addressing the needs of the “Whole Child”.  Students are taught critical thinking skills, such as deconstructing news articles to determine the reliability and validity of news sources. Many of our curricula are delivered with a focus on integrating the arts, thanks to the key partnerships we have developed with the Center for Arts Educations and Arts Engaged. This allows teachers to team up with artists to teach important core contents using an arts integration approach. We also partner with Key Institutions of Higher Education, such as Stony Brook University and CUNY, to bring the concept of News Literacy to life.

Whether the students are learning how to deconstruct news articles, use math in everyday life, or gear up for a mock trial, the experiences each child at IS303 receives are second to none. Our nurturing environment also helps our students experience and evaluate various after-school programs, until they find a program that is “just right” for them. As the instructional leader of IS303, I look forward to connecting with each child and learning from what each individual student can teach. Once again, welcome back to IS303! We are here to serve our students and families.


The Leader in Me Celebration

Dear Parent/ Guardian(s),
Each new school year brings opportunities for growth within and outside our school. We are honored to have your child become a member of our school. We are honored to have your child become a member of our team at I.S 303. Here we believe that every child has gifts and talents to share within and outside our school community. In our effort to bring out these natural born talents, we focus on The 7 habits of Highly Effective Teens, through the Leader in Me Journey…

New York Times Article

In an Era of Fake News, Teaching Students to Parse Fact From Fiction By JAMES BARRON MARCH 20, 2017

The sixth graders took their seats in a classroom with a “news literacy word wall” that featured, in large letters, terms like “validity,” “accurate” and “reliable.” The teacher, Marisol Solano, said that the question for the day boiled down to this: “How do we know what’s news or not?”

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