I.S.303 Academy for Career Exploration

 High Expectations. No Excuses! 

Welcome to I.S. 303
A Leader in Me School

I.S. 303 is a Leader in Me school. We practice the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. It gives the parents, teachers and students what they need to be successful in our school community and neighborhood community at large.

Letter From Our Principal, Carmen N. Amador


Welcome to IS303! Out motto “High Expectation, Children First, No Excuses” stems from our firm belief and commitment in helping our students attain their full potential, socially, academically, and emotionally.

As a Leader in Me School we hold ourselves to the highest standard and approach the teaching and learning experience as well as all tasks with great focus and dedication. Our staff believes in the importance of addressing the needs of the “Whole Child” and our curricula is delivered with a focus on the integration of the arts thanks to the key partnerships we have with the Center for Arts Educations and Arts Engaged. This allows teachers to team up with artists to teach important core contents using an arts integration approach. We also partner with Key Institutions of Higher Education such as Stony Brooks and CUNY to bring the concept of News Literacy to life. Our students deconstruct news articles to determine the reliability and validity of news sources, winter and articles.

Whether the students are learning how to deconstruct new articles, use math in everyday life, or gear up for a mock trial, among others, the experiences each child at IS303 receives is second to none. Our nurturing environment brings our students to experience various after school programs as well. Until they find a program that is “Just right” for them. As the instructional leader of IS303. I look forward to connection with each child and learning from what each individual student can teach. Once again welcome or welcome back to IS303! We are here to serve our students and families.

The Leader in Me Celebration

Dear Parent/ Guardian(s),

     Each new school year brings opportunities for growth within and outside our school. We are honored to have your child become a member of our school. We are honored to have your child become a member of our team at I.S 303. Here we believe that every child has gifts and talents to share within and outside our school community. In our effort to bring out these natural born talents, we focus on The 7 habits of Highly Effective Teens, through the Leader in Me Journey.

     Although students must be knowledgeable, they must also be healthy, engaged, responsible, and open-minded individuals. The Leader in Me provides our school with a positive culture, which develops synergy with all team members. As each child discovers and develops his/her unique gifts and talents. They are given opportunities to lead. As leaders, they become active, engaged partners in their own education and their self-confidence, responsibility, and initiative grows. The children quickly understand the benefits of different gifts and talents; they learn to listen to new ideas, work together to achieve results and motivate one another to be the best. The 7 Habits focuses on life skills needed to become successful in life.

    We are motivated and committed to grow with you as a team to better your child(s) experience here at I.S. 303. We encourage parent(s) to commit to our SLT/ PTA meetings and make appointments with staff to ask any questions they may have. Our school also uses Skedula. This is an online tool, in which you can view grades, see homework assignments and communicate with the teacher. Parent(s) and students will have separate accounts. This information will be sent home. We have interpreters for many languages but encourage parents to apply to the adult English Language Learners class that is offered here. Please contact Mrs. Barrow, our Parent Coordinator for more information. Communication is the key to the success of our students. Together with your help we expect to have a wonderful school year.


Meet the teacher will be on September 20th. We hope you can attend so we can go over expectations share curriculum and answer your questions.  We look forward to sharing these new opportunities with you. Together, we will watch your child grow throughout the year and guide them towards becoming the leaders they are meant to be.

Thank You,

Team 303